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Wednesday 4th December 2019

Well, THAT was an absolute blast ! Our debut tour with the Bootleg Eighties show saw us wow audiences all over the Netherlands, and even an enforced change of singer halfway through couldn’t derail us !
Tom Lowe, who had stepped in to cover for regular vocalist Rich Knight, had a problem with his voice, so we flew out Jolan, a previous runner-up on “The Voice “, and the young fella absolutely nailed it ! There are a few other Eighties shows out there on the road, but nothing gets even close to The Bootleg Eighties, as was confirmed by the ecstatic audiences we played to night after night….. and the fact that they already want us back next autumn ! We’re now really excited about the next phase, which is going to be our debut tour of Belgium. We head out there for thirteen shows in January and February, and you can find all the venue and ticket information for the whole show right here. We had a few adventurous souls come out from the UK to see us in Holland, and they totally loved it, so we’re hoping that some more of you do the same while we’re roaring around Belgium….why not have a weekend in the beautiful city of Bruges, and cap it off by catching our show at the lovely old Stadsschouwburg theatre that night ? We already know of around twenty people travelling out for that one, though, and as with all the dates on the tour ( two have already sold out ) tickets are moving fast, so don’t leave it too late. All you have to do is click on the link below to take you the theatre of your choice to buy tickets…it’s that simple ! As with the Dutch tour, we’ll be doing regular updates and, of course, the infamous tour blog, on our Facebook page, The Bootleg Eighties…..check it out and follow us or give us a Like!

Monday  7th October 2019

We’re now only a couple of weeks away from our debut tour of the Netherlands, and the anticipation levels are cranked right up to 11 ! The show is looking and sounding fantastic, and we want to extend a big old Bootleg Eighties welcome to Tom Lowe, who is stepping up to the microphone for this tour while regular singer Rich Knight takes care of some family business. Tom is a West End veteran, having played major roles in both Les Miserables and CATS, plus he was also a member of chart-topping  90’s band North and South and has the distinction of being the only non-American singer to appear on American Idol ! He’s currently opening the hit Las Vegas show, VEGAS! THE SHOW ! ( see what they did there ? ) at Planet Hollywood Casino and ResortVegas, but he’s managed to wrangle our tour into his schedule. He totally nailed it in rehearsals, and we can’t wait to let him loose on the Dutch audiences… why not come out and join us for a show ? You could be there right at  the start of this thing !  We’ve already sold out our show in Naaldwijk, though, so don’t hang about. Just click on the links below to take you to the theatre of your choice to buy tickets…..and don’t forget you can also do the same for our tour of Belgium in January and February of 2020. 

We’ll be doing regular updates throughout these tours on our Facebook page, The Bootleg Eighties….come and follow us !

Thursday 16th May 2019

News Update ! The tickets for our upcoming Dutch tour are now on sale. Just click on the thumbnail for the show you want to come to, and that will take you to the relevant theatre website. These Dutch shows are going to be great, so why not come over and support us ?!


Monday 21st January 2019

Although our first tour does not start until October 24th, we are already planning the show ! With such a rich seam of fantastic music to draw on, we know that the repertoire is going to be killer. We know that there are other 80s shows out there, but nothing has caused us to doubt for one moment that THIS one is going to leave the others in the dust ! At the moment the only dates we are announcing are those in Europe, but we WILL be playing some dates in the UK too. And don’t forget that apart from their starring role in the Bootleg Eighties theatre shows, Wild Boys are constantly playing their own dates too, so check out their website (click on there logo on the left) for details ! We’ll be keeping you up to date right here with everything Eighties, so watch this space……..